“Education is the 
passport to the future
 for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Malcom X

Study With Fluent Education

Time Poor? Study while you work.

We know time is precious, that’s why we have flexible learning options to suit you!

With flexible learning options and realistic expectations of the time requirements, our courses are designed, delivered and supported with your success in mind. Our learning options include online and blended delivery, supported by virtual classes, live lectures, webinars or F2F workshops.

We are on this journey together… your success is our success!

Relevant industry content with a focus on the future.

With the emergence of dynamic and rapidly evolving technologies, industry requirements are transforming. Thus, we are focused on providing you with the skills and knowledge to adapt to an ever-changing digital future, and be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

We listen to, work with and evolve with industry. Not only are we regularly updating our course materials to ensure we stay current and fresh, the Fluent Education team is made-up of industry experts and qualified staff who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the courses.

Develop your career with us.

With a focus on lifelong learning, we offer flexible courses which suit individuals from all stages of life, including: nationally recognised qualifications, accredited courses, certified courses, skill sets, micro-credentials and University pathway partnerships.

Tight budget? We’ve got you covered!

You work hard for the money! Which is why we aim to provide you bang for your buck, by offering high value programs at affordable prices. With flexible payment plans which offer ‘pay as you learn’ or ‘pay in full’ options based on your chosen course.

No lump sum payments!
Don’t want to pay the lump-sum cost of study? That seems reasonable, which is why we offer a “Pay As You Learn” (PAYL) model to fit into your budget and keep you on track without breaking the bank.

Watch this space, as we are also in discussions with highly reputable financial organisations to assist and support learns with loans specific for education and training purposes.

Support to help you succeed

With your user experience at the forefront, we aim to make the learning journey as engaging and seamless as possible. Through partnerships with leading global learning systems, our platforms are interactive and easy to use. Simply enrol, set-up payments, log-in and your journey begins!

Online/Blended learning does not have to be a solo mission…. you’re not alone on this journey! Not only do we have a dedicated support network in place to assist you throughout your course, but provide access to peer-to-peer communities where you can learn from other across the country, and expand your knowledge and network.

Real world application with lifelong learning.

Theory is great, but we are all about application! Whilst knowledge is a critical component, we offer the opportunity to apply your new skills to either your workplace or real-world projects.

Now more than ever, currency is critical to success. We understand this might be formal or informal learning. But whether you are looking to change careers or simply up-skill, up-skill, cross-skill, do some professional or personal development we have you covered. Not only that, once you are a part of the Fluent Family, our alumni receive on-going career support, regular industry updates, access to discounted courses and free entry to events.

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