BSB40315 Certificate IV in Customer Engagement

As digital technologies continue to expand and evolve, competition from domestic and international markets is rapidly growing; causing businesses to rethink their customer value proposition.  With ever increasing communications channels, effectively engaging with customers across the various platforms, is proving to be the best sales and marketing tool a business has. Thus, in order to remain competitive and viable, businesses are doubling-down on the various customer engagement elements which make up the customer experience (CX); which has created a demand in the market for qualified customer engagement professionals.  With practical skills and knowledge that are transferable across nearly every industry and profession, the Certificate IV in Customer Engagement will provide the tools to support the growth of your business or career in CX.

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BSB40315 Certificate IV in Customer Engagement

Course Details


Certificate IV in Customer






Certificate IV





Course Curriculum

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to analyse consumer behaviour for markets and specific needs.

You will learn how to analyse consumer behaviour to examine factors that impact decisions to purchase products or services, how to conduct a thorough analysis of consumer attitudes and behaviour, and how to make recommendations on marketing strategies to increase consumption of the product or service being marketed.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to gather, collate and record information from a variety of sources, including database systems.

You will learn what is required to develop knowledge of products and services in preparation for customer engagement in an inbound or outbound customer engagement activity.

You will discover what is required to schedule customer engagement activity and manage customer engagement schedules using manual and electronic systems.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to advise, carry out and evaluate customer service strategies.

You will learn how to manage an ongoing relationship with a customer over a period of time. This includes helping customers articulate their needs and managing networks to ensure customer needs are addressed.

You will learn how to conduct customer engagement operations, and what is required to have an understanding of organisational requirements, expectations, policies and procedures.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to contribute to quality customer service standards within an organisation.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to manage, program, monitor and rectify potentially complex problems with telecommunications technology and improve functioning of multichannel equipment.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to establish, maintain and improve client relationships and to actively participate in networks to support attainment of key business outcomes.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to determine individual and team development needs and to facilitate the development of the workgroup.

You will learn how to implement and monitor an organisation’s work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures and programs in the relevant work area in order to meet legislative requirements.

NOTE: The terms ‘occupational health and safety’ (OHS) and ‘work health and safety’ (WHS) are equivalent and generally either can be used in the workplace. In jurisdictions where the Model WHS Legislation has not been implemented RTOs are advised to contextualise the unit of competency by referring to the existing State/Territory OHS legislative requirements

You will learn what is required to identify signs and sources of stress within job roles and according to key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as management strategies to aid recovery from stressful situations and why they are essential.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites required for entry. However, we recommend students:

  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have sound language and literacy skills (at least Year 10 English, or equivalent)
  • Have basic-intermediate computer skills; with access to a desktop computer or laptop, Microsoft Office suite installed and internet access with IE 8+, Chrome or Firefox.

Dynamic and in-demand careers

Qualified Customer Experience professionals are always in high demand. With an intersection into virtually every industry sector, this program addresses the skills required to build a successful and long-term career in evolving and interconnected global markets.


Immediately applicable

The learnings gained through this program include tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to increase performance in your current role, and/or support the on-going growth your business.


Hands-on experience

This program is designed to focus on the implementation of processes, strategies and techniques through real-world application.


Transferable Skills

The skills and knowledge gained through this program create a foundation which can be applied across any industry sector, as well as within any profession.

Career Outcomes

Customer Service Representative

Customer Experience Advisor

Customer Engagement / Experience Manager

Customer Engagement / Experience Specialist

Account Manager

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6-12 months

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