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Our programs are created to exceptional educational standards and are delivered by industry experienced trainers. Course materials and training modes are regularly evaluated and updated through our continuous improvement process, enabling us to offer high quality and contemporary resources and learning options.  

All of our Certificate IV, Diploma level and higher courses are nationally recognised, providing you with exciting career opportunities across the country. The experienced trainers here at Fluent Education have developed your course alongside leading industry bodies to meet both government standards and industry needs, which ensures you are equipped to excel in your chosen field. 

All of Fluent Education’ courses are primarily delivered online with additional support throughout your course such as Webinars, Skype, Online Forums, Trainer-Led Online Chat/Q&A sessions. This delivery style, referred to as Blended, ensures that you receive the greatest level of flexibility around your training in addition to the support required when you have questions. 

We believe in providing an engaging and supportive learning experience for our students, which is best suited to your individual learning preference. For this reason, all our programs encompass a blend of learning methods including webinars, web tutorials, workshops, and regular personal interactions with your trainer. 

There is no minimum as such, but obviously, you need to progress through your course at an appropriate pace to ensure that when you complete you have gained the skills and confidence you need. 

It depends on how much time you can commit to your training. We find that most students will typically complete their course on, or close, to the specified course duration date, however, we are happy to provide the required support to assist students to complete their course within a shorter timeframe if they have the ability to learn the content and successfully complete their assessments more quickly. 

Support Crew

Fluent Education offers a learning environment that provides for a number of study support options. As well as online content, many courses include webinars, which are recorded and available for students to refer back to anytime. Ongoing access to trainers is a standard element of our program support, and additional learning tools such as web tutorials, forums and professional development workshops are also made available to students. 

Many of our courses provide transferable skillsets which may improve a students’ employability within their field. If your personal or career choices change, however, and you decide to withdraw from your course then you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the Units of Competency within your course that you completed.
If you decide to study again at a later time, either with Fluent Education or another RTO then you may be eligible to receive a reduction in the fees and duration of your course by having these Credits applied to the course so long as the course contains that same Unit(s) of Competency.
The issuance of Statement of Attainment and Credit for Units of Competency may only occur if you have paid the appropriate course fees.

Payment Options

Pay as you Learn – Students have the option to pay a deposit and stretch the balance out across 11 monthly, easy to maintain payments. Pay Now – We also offer additional payment options for full payment clients

Online Skills Assessment & LLN

LLN is an acronym for Language, Literacy and Numeracy. These are core skills needed to complete your course.

This forms part of the Fluent Education application process to help:

• Determine your suitability for the course that you have selected.

• Assist Fluent Education to identify any additional support or preparatory skills you may require.

It is simply a series of questions to determine your skill level in the areas of reading and numeracy.

As an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) we are committed to ensuring that we provide you with the best chance of success in the course you have selected.  The results of the Skills Assessment allow us to see if there are any areas in which you may require extra support, either as part of your own preparation for commencing the study, or additional support to be provided as you move through your learning journey with Fluent Education. 

No, there is no fee for completing this assessment as part of the application process. 

If you are required to complete the Skills Assessment you will be sent a link and log on details. Please note you will need to access a computer to complete the Skills Assessment.

Pro Tips

Motivation is key 

Online learning suits self-starters and people who really want to learn, but it can be a challenge too because the motivation and discipline all has to come from you. 

The great thing about this is that the commitment and self-motivation required to make the grade in online learning is extremely attractive to employers. Remember that by attaining an online qualification, you’ve already demonstrated the drive to work independently and efficiently. This alone gives you a great advantage over other applicants. 


Set realistic study goals 

Different online courses have different workloads. Make sure you know how much time is required so you can balance study with other commitments. For example, if you work full-time and have a family or an active social life, don’t trick yourself into thinking you can manage 25 hours of study each week. 

Unsure about the time you can devote? Consider signing up for just one unit at a time when you first start your course. See how you go about fitting it into your life – you can increase your workload as you grow more confident in your time management abilities. 


Make online study part your daily routine 

Set aside time for online learning just as you would for attending classes. Give yourself ample time to sit down and read through your materials, so you understand everything clearly. 

Identify the time of day you will devote to studying. Ask yourself: are you a morning person or a night owl? Then schedule in your study at a time when you’re performing at your peak. 

Don’t forget to factor in time for healthy snacks and breaks – they help keep you awake and focused. Once you refine your study skills, online learning can be made a lot more effective with the application of these techniques.   

 Understand how online study works 

Before you start your course, find out more about how to study online, including: 

  • Submitting coursework
  • Accessing discussion groups
  • Contacting instructors
  • Accessing library facilities
  • Changing enrolment details.

Getting all this down pat before you start will help you feel in control and ready to focus on your course. 

Make sure you understand in advance how your course will be assessed. Are exams held at particular times? Do you have to enrol for them? Are there any ‘contact hours’ at all? Are there times when participants need to be online at the same time? 


Get help from people in your study network 

Make the most of the support you can get through your online course provider. Lecturers and tutors can guide you through coursework, while support staff can assist with study tips, professional contacts and administrative issues. 

Students can also help each other via online chat rooms, forums and social media groups. 

As an online learner, your tutors understand you have other commitments. If things get on top of you, let them know. You might be able to negotiate an extension. 


Reward yourself for success 

Online study requires discipline. So reward yourself every time you achieve a study goal – this will motivate you to keep going and complete your course. It can be as simple as enjoying a piece of cake for getting through the week’s readings, or treating yourself to a massage for getting an assignment in. It’s important to reflect on what you’ve learnt and be proud of yourself. 

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